Why Advertise Jobs with us?

Benefit from Qualified recruitment

Qualified Place is determined to make things easier and more efficient for candidates and employers alike. By dedicating ourselves to the professional job market and using a distinct process for international vacancies, we bring much needed specialisation.

We expertly serve, in a specialised way, highly qualified and executive job seekers as well as businesses, education institutions, healthcare settings, and the public sector.

The benefits of using Qualified Place - employers

We are different from standard job websites and recruitment agencies. At Qualified Place you benefit from:

  • Low cost solutions: You won’t pay high fees to receive unfiltered results which entail you wasting time and doing the legwork like with standard job websites. Similarly, you will not pay the hefty fees of a recruitment agency when what you need is simply a more refined and professional process.
  • High calibre candidates: We bring you professional and qualified candidates with the skills and attributes you are looking for. You won’t be inundated with CVs just genuine suitable applications.
  • A refined talent pool: By serving as a collection of professional job boards in one place, you’ll find highly refined talent pools where the best candidates stand out but aren’t lost in the crowd.
  • Efficiency: By using Qualified Place, you can undertake online discussions with potential candidates through the security of our platform. This means that you only invite candidates for interview who represent genuine potential.
  • International focus: We enable you to find talent where it actually is, wherever in the world that may be.

The benefits of using Qualified Place – candidates

We are ideally suited to professional candidates. By choosing us you will benefit from:

  • Visibility: Unlike with standard job websites, Qualified Place is just for professional and qualified candidates, and is further divided by sector (e.g. teaching jobs).This ensures that your profile isn’t lost in a sea of irrelevant candidates.
  • Advice: By using the Qualified Place we help you refine your profile and give you hints and tips to ensure you find the jobs you are looking for whether that’s manufacturing jobs or another professional and qualified niche.
  • Personalisation: The Sell Yourself Club allows you to create highly individualised candidate listings. For example, you can upload your CV but also photos and videos as well as refine your job parameters.
  • Discussion: Through Qualified Place you can discuss opportunities directly with employers before committing to interview. This ensures you don’t waste time.
  • International careers: Employers list international opportunities in the area that you’re from, as well as where they are located, meaning you can quickly see which international careers are open to you.

Find out more about why Qualified Place is best for graduate jobs, international jobs and all professional and qualified positions by reading Our Mission.