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At Qualified Place - Jobs Online UK Ltd, we bring specialization into businesses, education institutions, and public sector alike. We connect specialized, highly qualified and executive job seekers to their specific fields of interest and companies within said fields.

We are a unique job board that facilitates interactions, contacts and referrals between those looking for jobs and potential employers through online conversation and discourse.

We connect worldwide at Qualified Place - Jobs Online UK Ltd and ensure that we reach all areas of the world to fulfill the necessary jobs and ensure synergy between the employer and employee. At Qualified Place - Jobs Online UK Ltd we pride ourselves on our matches and are happy to recommend and represent great companies and candidates alike.

Differently to most other job boards, Qualified Place - Jobs Online UK Ltd focus on qualified people. We believe that one will become skilled after having been qualified and that it is easier to become skilled once you’re qualified. However, it might be impossible to become qualified even if you are skilled. In fact we are positive that good qualifications include skills, knowledge and experience – that is why Qualified Place - Jobs Online UK Ltd is the place for you should you be advertising yourself or a vacancy.

Find our more about Qualified Place - Jobs Online UK Ltd by visiting our ‘Mission’ page and find out how and why we want to help you. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch, however, do check our Frequently Asked Questions section first as you may easily find your answer there.

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