What We Do

Removing barrier to bring you qualified talent.

For professional and qualified recruitment we will transform your experience. Say goodbye to recruitment struggles due to skills shortages and small talent pools. Instead do recruitment differently.

Qualified Place is a specialized job board, distinctly different from usual job websites. We recognise the problems that both employers and candidates face when dealing with niche, professional and qualified positions. Standard recruitment boards don’t cut it.

We operate differently.

Employers in search of qualified and professional candidates

At Qualified Place you’ll find the talent you need with the functionality of a job board. We focus on two key angles to leverage your talent acquisition success.

Firstly we only work within professional sectors and with professional and qualified candidates such as graduate jobs. Secondly, we strategically open recruitment within the global arena where your talent will be found. Borders are not the barriers to recruitment that traditional job boards make them. We are the way in to international careers.

Whether you are looking to fill engineering jobs, IT jobs, healthcare and medical jobs or any other professional niche, we are the answer.

Qualified Place is a job board where you don’t end up trying to find the needle in the haystack.

Candidates in search of professional career opportunities

We provide you with the springboard for your next step. We’ve removed the limitations of standard job websites which hinder professionally qualified candidates. Instead we’ve ensured that you can easily, quickly and efficiently identify the employers which have the opportunities you are looking for – wherever in the world that may be.

Whether you’re looking to find a job in the realm of academic jobs, executive jobs, science and technology jobs or any other graduate jobs or skilled vacancy, we are your solution. From jobs in London and internship jobs to international vacancies and online courses, Qualified Place should be your first port of call.

Qualified Place – Find a job your way.