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Removing barrier to bring you qualified talent.

For professional and qualified recruitment we will transform your experience. Say goodbye to recruitment struggles due to skills shortages and small talent pools. Instead do recruitment differently.

Qualified Place is a specialized job board, distinctly different from usual job websites. We recognise the problems that both employers and candidates face when dealing with niche, professional and qualified positions. Standard recruitment boards don’t cut it.

We operate differently.

Employers in search of qualified and professional candidates

At Qualified Place you’ll find the talent you need with the functionality of a job board. We focus on two key angles to leverage your talent acquisition success.

Firstly we only work within professional sectors and with professional and qualified candidates such as graduate jobs. Secondly, we strategically open recruitment within the global arena where your talent will be found. Borders are not the barriers to recruitment that traditional job boards make them. We are the way in to international careers.

Whether you are looking to fill engineering jobs, IT jobs, healthcare and medical jobs or any other professional niche, we are the answer.

Qualified Place is a job board where you don’t end up trying to find the needle in the haystack.

Candidates in search of professional career opportunities

We provide you with the springboard for your next step. We’ve removed the limitations of standard job websites which hinder professionally qualified candidates. Instead we’ve ensured that you can easily, quickly and efficiently identify the employers which have the opportunities you are looking for – wherever in the world that may be.

Whether you’re looking to find a job in the realm of academic jobs, executive jobs, science and technology jobs or any other graduate jobs or skilled vacancy, we are your solution. From jobs in London and internship jobs to international vacancies and online courses, Qualified Place should be your first port of call.

Qualified Place – Find a job your way.

Qualified Place is a specialist recruiter and employment search service that is specialised in hard-to-fill vacancies and roles requiring specialised skills, qualifications and experience.

Very often, people complain about unemployment, but forget that they may be lacking the skills needed to fill the vacancies in question. At Qualified Place, we are statistically aware of the sectors that are in high demand for professional candidates and have the right talents most recruiters might be seeking.

Science and Technology Jobs

The science and technology sectors comprise major components of the world’s largest companies and some of the fastest growing industries on the planet. As new technology develops at unprecedented rates, the demand for highly-skilled, knowledgeable and experienced employees exponentially increases. Top companies are pulling in talents from all over the world to assemble a dynamic and diverse workforce that can tackle complex large-scale tasks.

In the science and technology industries, in-demand jobs include engineers of all forms, medical professionals, researchers, meteorologists, climate scientists and geoscientists, oil and gas specialists, energy consultants and professionals and food scientists. This is only a small selection of an ever-increasing list of job roles that Qualified Place are matching with employers. We are always on the lookout for those from many backgrounds, no skill set lies outside of our scope and we’re always excited to analyse our candidate’s qualifications and experience to find them both the matches they expect and innovative new matches in industries they may or may not have considered.

Some of the world’s biggest industries, science and technology sectors are developing rapidly to meet the rise of new technology and increasing demand for research and development. Qualified Place has significant experience of this vast and complex industry and can match job seekers to employment in many specialist areas. Having qualified candidates in key positions in the following sectors can tremendously develop industries in the mentioned sectors, as well as others

Example of Science and Technology Jobs sectors

  • Aerospace
  • Laboratory and research
  • Bioengineering
  • Oil and gas
  • Nuclear
  • Industrial Design

Demand for highly skilled job seekers is widening, with unemployment in the U.S at an all-time low since 2010. Thus, most employers find it tough to fill in vacant positions within 12 weeks for positions demanding high skills and experience. According to a study, the global labour market is expected to face a skill shortage of 85.2 million people by the year 2030, which will invariably cost companies trillions of dollars.

Sectors like Health and Medicine, Engineering, Manufacturing, IT and Telecommunication are some of the industries that demand thoroughly qualified individuals but struggle to lay hold of the best talents.

At Qualified Place, we have the highest inventories of top talents across various fields. Thus, we ensure to provide recruiters that partner with us easy access to the best talents for open positions. Are you looking to hire qualified candidates in sectors such as health and medicine, engineering, manufacturing, I.T, Telcoms, and other specialised jobs? Let’s show you how we can help you to meet your recruitment objectives.

Manufacturing Jobs

The LinkedIn survey predicted that the manufacturing industry would be faced with a deficit of more than 2 million workers in 2020. The shortage is estimated to reach more than 7.9 million people by 2030. The resultant loss for this employment deficiency could be as massive as $607.1 billion. However, regardless of the roles that need filling, recruiters can leverage our Jobsite to get the best candidates to fill the required positions. With a platform like ours, recruiters don’t need to suffer a shortage of skills or expertise as the right candidates exist on our platform. We have also Factory Jobs where you can find jobs that sit your qualifications and experinceIT and Telecommunications Jobs

Already, the lack of digital skills is preventing digital transformation in 54% of companies worldwide. Sadly, that gap seems to be widening as Korn Ferry’s research postulates that the Technology and IT industries may tackle a deficit of over 1.1 million skilled workers worldwide. This is where we come in. With a database that wholesomely accommodates the rarest of digital talents and skills, recruiters can harness our job search to scale their businesses and companies. Search and apply to our 1000s of IT and Telecommunications Jobs.

Computer programming and software developing Jobs

Tilting towards the jet and computer age has made software skills more relevant in today’s labour market and economy. Unfortunately, almost all industries require a computer programmer or software programmer for their day-to-day functioning. Being skilled in the software art itself is a not-too-easy task. This single feature has invariably led to the global scarcity of software developers and computer programmers.

IT professionals are necessary and ubiquitous across all other sectors, IT features in some way across every industry. Qualified Place understands the depth of the IT industry which has become a dominant force in the international job market. We are able to match IT professionals of all kinds to a multitude of technical, specialist and hard-to-fill roles in startups, established companies and multinationals.

Example of IT Jobs

  • Network engineer
  • AI specialist
  • Machine Learning
  • Technician and Maintenance
  • Programming
  • Data analysis
  • Telecommunications

The IT industry is second to none in sheer size and volume, the wealth of skills required by it is phenomenal. IT firms are constantly on the lookout for new talent and experience, Qualified Place are dedicated to linking candidates from the UK, Europe and further afield to prospective employers across a wide range of sectors and industries. IT often lies at the intersection between all industries, almost every company or business in the world requires an IT professional of some sort and many require hundreds or even thousands of IT professionals to work across their extensive networks. As technology develops rapidly, new IT roles are being created in many new sectors ranging from machine learning and AI development to automation, network management, stock, logistics and procurement and many others. Qualified Place has our finger on the pulse of developing industries - we understand what it takes to link specialist individuals to tricky or hard-to-fill roles in the IT industry. Engineering Jobs

This happens to be a profession that is needed in almost all sectors as it deals with the erecting of structures, designing, developing, building, testing mechanical devices. However, these can vary based on industries and roles. Based on the global analysis, there is a very high demand for different types of engineers in 19 countries, including the US, the UK, Spain, Greece, Brazil, and others. You can find Engineering Jobs that are relevant to your qualifictions and experience.

Teaching Jobs

If you’re looking for new opportunities in the education industry then Qualified Place works with specialist recruiters from around the world to match candidates to roles in universities, schools and other learning centres. From teaching to management, our database hosts all manner of job roles in this constantly growing sector.

Example of Education Jobs

  • Teacher or lecturer
  • Curriculum leader
  • Safeguarding and counselling
  • Manager

The education sector is a great place to work in the UK as teachers and other education professionals are continually in demand and this demand is only expected to increase. The education sector naturally requires talent and skills from an incredibly diverse array of backgrounds, migrant candidates from the EU and further afield are often in high demand as language teachers or as specialists across a variety of fields from teaching to management and administration. Qualified Place work closely with schools and other educational institutions ranging from colleges to learning centres and major universities, we’re confident we can link candidates with roles that demand highly skilled, qualified and knowledgeable individuals of all types.

The education sector is dynamic and constantly on the lookout for new employment opportunities. Education demands are greater than ever, as are the quantities of educational institutions being built in the UK. There is great demand for all types of staff and Qualified Place works closely to help institutions adapt to changing employment landscapes.

As common as this profession might seem, there is still a high demand for teachers in most schools across the globe. However, some average candidates may always be able to fill some vacancies with fewer requirements. At the professional level, some schools across the world struggle to find skilled and professional educators. Countries that are in demand for professional educators include the US and the UK. Find teaching and education jobs today.

Human Resourcing Jobs

Getting the right candidates for crucial jobs is a job itself that requires topnotch professionalism. Sadly, not too many individuals are qualified in this regard. Funny enough, this skill is lacking in some first-world countries.

Health and Medicine Jobs

Another hugely dynamic sector, the health sector is growing at an exponential rate across areas of research, primary care and management. Healthcare is a forever changing landscape and thus, opportunities are always numerous and exciting. Qualified Place has links with many healthcare recruiters and can match your skills to health jobs across various healthcare industries.

Example Industries

  • Medicine and healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Bioengineering
  • Research assistants
  • Pharmacology
  • Doctors and clinicians

In the labour market, this sector demands qualified candidates with rare skills and potentials. Recent research by the WHO Global Health Observatory predicts that the global demand for health workers will go up to 80 million workers, while the supply will total around 65 million in the same period. Invariably, this is certain to result in a global shortage of 15 million health workers.

This has posed a significant threat to health facilities, and employers fear the closure of their facilities if they don’t find the right talents. With the services we provide, recruiters can get the best candidates for their companies. We understand that vacancies in the health sector come with essential requirements, and this is why we are here to provide you with the best talents on our platform.

The healthcare industry is in a state of constant transition and development. Healthcare services in the UK are widely known to be understaffed, many employers ranging from the NHS itself to private healthcare companies are constantly on the lookout for new candidates to fill a forever-developing host of diverse job roles. From healthcare practitioners of all varieties ranging from diagnostics professionals to doctors and other consultants and specialists, management and admin specialists, engineers and technical advisors, Qualified Place is dedicated to matching specialist candidates with prospective employers both in the UK and overseas.

There has never been a better time to enter the healthcare industry in the UK, the industry requires a high turnover of new candidates and it is particularly reliant on candidates from outside the UK - this will continue after Brexit. Qualified Place understands the changing landscape of the UK healthcare industry and is focussed on matching candidates to a diverse array of healthcare jobs.

Most aged people are in constant need of health aides and nannies and the likes. Unfortunately, not all of these older adults are fortunate to have health aides to tend to their needs. This is a global unemployment issue common in countries in the UK, the US, and the likes.

Finance Jobs

The UK is host to many high-profile finance companies which are constantly on the lookout for finance professionals from the UK, Europe and further afield. London is set to remain the finance capital of Europe post-Brexit but maintaining its status will require fresh invigoration from new employees across all industries served by the finance sector.

Example of Finance Jobs

  • Auditor
  • Accountants
  • Finance executive
  • Accounts manager
  • Finance administrator
  • Payroll manager

When it comes to financial job roles, the job roles that are often hard to fill are managerial positions that demand topnotch professionalism and qualification. Due to the shortage of skills in this ramification, there is often a high rate of unemployment. In this regard, there is a high demand for this profession in numerous countries worldwide. Some of these include the US, the UK, Australia, and some others.

The finance sector in the UK is one of its largest. Finance jobs in London are numerous and many high-profile companies are constantly on the lookout for new talented employees. The finance sector is strong but growing, and even in the wake of shifting EU relationships, the UK and London in particular are set to remain the financial hubs of Europe. London is host to many multinational finance companies and finance employees are needed to fill a diverse set of roles within many businesses throughout the capital and the rest of the UK. Qualified Place is dedicated to supplying recruiters suffering skills’ shortages with employees from the UK, Europe and further afield. Our experience of the finance sector and the types of finance jobs it regularly demands combines with out excellent job search and matching system to offer a great platform for users to link with employers in the finance sector.

Internships & apprenticeships

Internships are often designed to take a core of academic knowledge and transfer it onto a more specific practical task. Apprenticeships, similarly, apply skills and knowledge to professional practice. Both are a great way to transition into full-time work.

Qualified Place incorporates a job search for internships and apprenticeships which are notoriously hard to locate and apply for. From graduate internships for students to paid internships for international applicants, Qualified Place’ system effectively matches prospective interns with internships, we combine our extensive experience with state-of-the-art algorithmic matching to take the stress and hassle out of the process.

Graduate internships are an excellent way to transition into industry from university study. Jumping into the job market as a graduate can be a difficult task, the options and bewildering and search for graduate internships, paid internships of varying kinds or apprenticeships can be tricky. Qualified Place simplifies this process, our job search is easily sortable and by uploading your CV, your profile can be introduced to numerous employers looking for individuals for varying types of internship.

Qualified Place also helps unite graduates with internships and candidates with many other types of paid internships in the UK and abroad. Internships are often hard to locate, Qualified Place is adept at matching individuals with both domestic UK internships, years in industry, international internships and graduate internships. Our job search provides a comprehensive selection of internships, the application process is simple and takes a great deal of hassle out of the routine of finding and applying for internships.

Graduates from courses like microbiology, bioengineering or biomedical science, pharmacology, occupational therapy and medicine are much in demand across many medical and health industries, however, finding posts can be notoriously difficult. Qualified Place doesn’t just put graduates in touch with health jobs domestically in the UK, we have an international internship board which provides opportunities to work all over Europe and further afield. From smaller healthcare practices to large-scale multinational companies and pharmaceuticals, Qualified Place can effectively match graduates to a variety of job roles across medical and health industries.

Whilst training programmes are the most common approach to employment in the education industry, apprenticeships and internships are becoming increasingly popular. Paid internships allow individuals to earn whilst training, Qualified Place can link graduates with various educational roles not just in teaching but in admin and management.

Science and technology internships are very common indeed and are often referred to as ‘years in industry’. These allow graduates and other qualified individuals to transition from education into work, learning how to apply their skills in professional practice. Science and technology jobs often take a core of fundamental knowledge and apply it to a specific process to ‘convert’ specific knowledge into practical skills.

IT work is diverse and very much in demand and as such, internships and apprenticeships are increasing to provide graduates with a means to access highly skilled professional posts quickly. From emerging industries like AI and machine learning to automation and system design, IT internships are an effective way for graduates to access the profession after studying. Upload your CV at Qualified Place today to access our awesome range of graduate internships from both the UK and internationally. Our job search facility will match your skills with prospective employers whilst simplifying the entire application process, saving time and reducing hassle.

Finance roles are numerous and the demand remains high across the whole of the UK, particularly within its capital of London. Finance internships are in turn rising rapidly, from graduate internships to paid internships and apprenticeships of many kinds, there are numerous opportunities to get into work with high-profile companies across the UK in a variety of finance related roles. Finance specialists are required for virtually any modern business, though, and therefore, this sector is extremely all-encompassing, diverse and flexible to graduates arriving from many backgrounds.