26th Jun 2019

What Should I Do After PhD?

A PhD is an incredible achievement, but after spending so much time studying, the thought of finding work is likely to seem a little daunting. You may feel that you have all the academic qualifications you need, but you don’t know where to start when it comes to securing a new role. A PhD can open up a wealth of employment opportunities; you just need to know where to start looking. These are some ways to find a new role after you have completed your PhD.

Attend a Careers Event

Careers events can be a great way to speak to a range of different employers within a short period of time. With a face to face conversation, you can often put yourself ahead of the game when it comes to securing work. Employers will be able to advise on the potential opportunities they have for candidates with a PhD and it’s a good chance to get your foot in the door. If there are careers events on near you, it is well worth taking the time to attend.

Consider Teaching

One of the most natural career moves after completing a PhD is to get into a role as a teacher/lecturer. PhD students are often given opportunities within teaching when they graduate. With research being a necessary skill for teachers, you will already be more than halfway there! If the opportunities don’t come to you, ask relevant people about them.

Use Your Contacts

During your PhD, you will have developed a wide range of new contacts, including other PhD students and lecturers. Don’t be afraid to use your contacts or shout from the rooftop that you are looking for work! You can bet that the candidates who take initiative and let people know they’re on the market, will find work a lot easier. LinkedIn is also a great resource for networking and finding useful contacts; reach out as you never know who might respond positively.

Specialist Recruiters

There are some recruitment agencies who specialise more in the academic side, so will be in a better position to help you secure work. If you search for relevant recruiters in your area specialising in academics, you will find a list of those which might be applicable. It is better to expand your opportunities by using various methods to find work. Recruiters can be looking on your behalf, while you conduct your own job search.

Job Boards

There are a range of job boards which can help you with your search to secure work after you have completed your PhD.  Job boards are still prominent for candidates and an effective way to search, based on the criteria you are looking for. Most job boards will also allow you to sign up for job alerts, so you won’t miss any new opportunities.

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