Our Mission

Qualified recruitment with ease and efficiency

Our mission is simple: to bring the professionally qualified world together without the traditional barriers candidates and employers experience. We make qualified recruitment easy.

We are passionate about connecting qualified people with companies. This uniquely benefits both parties in a way standard jobs websites and recruitment agencies don’t.

We want candidates to realise their potential, utilise their hard-earned qualifications and develop their skills in the best place. For employers we want them to find the best employees, never settling for a ‘make-do’ hire, and enable them to use talent acquisition to strengthen growth.

No more ‘overqualified’

At Qualified Place, qualifications are an asset. Your listed qualifications draw you to the right jobs, rather than push you out. This is the job board where qualifications do not go to waste but are actively used to propel your career and identify your candidates.

Accurate connections

We focus on igniting the right connections between candidates and employers. Neither side should be wasting time, effort or money. Instead, we bring a highly refined and innovative recruitment solution which enables candidates and employers to connect, develop a relationship, and secure the future.

Let us help

Head over to the Sell Yourself Club. Here you can discover for yourself how professional and qualified recruitment can be done differently. Start making connections. Find a job or a candidate with ease and efficiency.

Find out more about how we work and why we are ideal for you on the About Us page. You can also Browse Jobs and Browse Courses (including free online courses) within the professional and qualified sector.