Our Mission

Qualified Place is a unique and most popular job website that is dedicated to qualified job seekers who are looking for qualified jobs.

Qualified Place provides an online suite of tools to assist job seekers in their job search efforts and creates an intelligent solution that will position job seekers in alignment with the most suitable roles based on experience, skill set, and other criteria. Qualified Place job listings focuses on qualified jobs that are relevant to  a variety of qualified job seekers.


If you are a qualified job seeker seeking a full-time job, a part-time job, or a freelance based opportunity, we can help with your  job search.  We have 1000s of qualified jobs that 


Along with our job search tools, profile pages, and advanced job search. CV pages can be used for job seekers to display their work experience and talents to set themselves apart from the competition. Having the ability to present a profile  to potential recruiters is an opportunity that job seekers can take full advantage of.


CV’s may be uploaded to our system and should be clear and concise to allow for easy reading and legibility. Using the following tips will help to present your CV as a fully optimised document that recruiters can easily absorb at a glance.


Correct formatting will help to make CV’s easily readable and attention should be paid to items like: Clear, standard fonts; Bold titles, Bulleted or numbered lists, Short descriptions of jobs or experiences, and  Clear section headings 


Always remember to include contact information; address, email, and mobile numbers and a professional title with a summary or objective. To target your CV successfully for specific job listings, skill matching can be helpful. Demonstrate and highlight your skills or abilities that directly align with the job being sought.


Use keywords and action verbs in descriptive areas that highlight achievements and make sure to include any special skills or proficiencies that have been obtained. Advanced qualifications in software packages, programming disciplines, or the ability to speak a second language should all be documented.


Recruiters  are looking for the person that best fits the position being advertised, so unnecessary or irrelevant information should not be included. If it has no bearing on the vacancy then it does not need to be added. 


The layout and organisation of the CV document should be set out in a manner that is simple and easy to read. There are only a few precious seconds available to make an impression on hiring managers and most people tend to scan a page rather than read it so having a clear format and highlighted words means that relevant information will be easily visible.


Finally, be sure to proofread any CV carefully before uploading to the Qualified Place website. There should be no careless typing mistakes, grammatical errors, or misuse of punctuation. Even these tiny details can make a difference when your abilities are being assessed by a recruiter, so it needs to read perfectly to make an excellent impression.

Qualified recruitment with ease and efficiency

Our mission is simple: to bring the professionally qualified world together without the traditional barriers candidates and employers experience. We make qualified recruitment easy.

We are passionate about connecting qualified candidates with employers. This uniquely benefits both parties in a way standard jobs websites and recruitment agencies don’t.

We want candidates to realise their potential, utilise their hard-earned qualifications and develop their skills in the best place. For employers we want them to find the best employees, never settling for a ‘make-do’ hire, and enable them to use talent acquisition to strengthen growth.

No more ‘overqualified’

At Qualified Place, qualifications are an asset. Your listed qualifications draw you to the right jobs, rather than push you out. This is the job board where qualifications do not go to waste but are actively used to propel your career and identify your candidates.

Accurate connections

We focus on igniting the right connections between candidates and employers. Neither side should be wasting time, effort or money. Instead, we bring a highly refined and innovative recruitment solution which enables candidates and employers to connect, develop a relationship, and secure the future.

Let us help

Head over to the Sell Yourself Club. Here you can discover for yourself how professional and qualified recruitment can be done differently. Start making connections. Find a job or a candidate with ease and efficiency.

Find out more about how we work and why we are ideal for you on the About Us page. You can also Browse Jobs and Browse Courses (including free online courses) within the professional and qualified sector.