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How Can I Get a Job in UK?

If you are looking to secure a job in the UK, you have arrived at the right place. We have a wide selection of roles throughout the UK and in a range of different sectors. If you use our search function, you will find a variety of roles, including jobs in London, Jobs in Birmingham, jobs in Leeds, and many other popular cities in the UK.

Whether you are looking for education jobs, IT/engineering jobs in the UK or you’d like to work in Health Sector, we have something for everyone. If you don’t see anything you like at the moment, you can always submit your CV and subscribe to jobs alerts, we’ll let you know when a suitable job in the UK arises.

Is it Easy to Get a Job in the UK?

If you live in the UK, it can be easier to find a job than if you are from another country, however, there are many options. The job market in the UK is thriving at the moment, with the UK unemployment rate currently sitting at less than 4%. If you have a work permit for the UK and good English skills, it makes it much easier to obtain work. If moving to the UK without good English skills, it is advisable to enrol in an English language class, to improve your employability and ability to integrate.

How Do I Find Local Jobs?

It is a good idea to work out how far you can or are willing to travel to a job, before you start your UK job search. For example, if you are looking for jobs in London, you might also want to consider the surrounding areas, such as working in Surrey, Hertfordshire or jobs in Essex. With our job search function, you can specify the town or area you reside and the distance you are willing to travel. You can also choose the job title or skills you are interested in utilising in your new role. If you are flexible about where you work, you may also want to consider taking a look at our Overseas Jobs, where you will find jobs in Western Europe, Asia, Africa and other locations. We are constantly adding to this section, with the latest jobs to suit your needs.

How Can I Get a UK Work Permit?

If you are looking to work in the UK and you don’t have work permit, you may be able to get this from a new employer. In order to be able to work in the UK, you will need to have an offer of employment from your UK employer and they must be willing to act as your sponsor. You also need a Certificate of Sponsorship, which your employer will provide you with and thirdly, you will need to pass the points-based assessment. Most job adverts won’t specify whether the employer will offer sponsorship, so you may need to just apply and ask the question later. If you are qualified and experienced, especially for highly skilled jobs, most employers in the UK, will be willing to consider sponsorship, if they are permitted to do so.


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