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Manufacturing Operations
Colorado, U S A F Academy, United States, 80840
Job Description
Summary Description:Uses blueprints and schematics to compose a final product from parts. Must use either manual dexterity or machinery to safely and efficiently complete the task.Responsibilities:Meticulously follow instructions and procedures.Locate and collect all necessary materials to complete the task.Organize parts before fitting them together to increase efficiency.Take precise measurements of components before fitting them to uphold quality of the final product.Inspect final product and make sure it was assembled properly.Maintain assembly equipment by following manufacturer's instructions and performing all maintenance requirements.Record production and keep track of materials in inventory anticipating shortages and ordering the necessary goods.Take note of any problems and report them.Requirements:High school diploma or equivalent.Knowledge of how to read blueprints and drawings and ability to closely follow instructions.Comfortability with machinery and tools. Be mechanically inclined.Understanding of quality control principles and procedures.Good communication skills.
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