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Qualified Job Seekers

At Qualified Place Jobs, we provide a wide range of benefits to both recruiters and job seekers. Both parties can leverage our job hunting and recruitment services to land high-paying jobs and recruit outstanding candidates, respectively. We offer lots of beneficial services that can be harnessed by job seekers and employers. We will analyse these services in subsequent paragraphs.

Qualified Place Jobs is a specialist job search that seeks to link candidates from the UK and further afield to employers are recruiters searching for experienced, skilled and qualified individuals. Qualified Place Jobs has tremendous experience not just in the UK job market but in the international job market, we understand that we live in an interconnected world where individuals are interested job vacancies in the UK and abroad. Qualified Place Jobs assist job seekers to find a job in the UK or find a job overseas - we are different from the standard domestic job boards that exist today.

For jobseekers, Qualified Place Jobs combines a traditional job-board which is easily searchable using a multitude of filters with our state-of-the-art matching technology which we use to match candidates to employers and recruiters not just in the UK but globally. We provide a geo-search feature so candidates can search per location, for example, to search for job vacancies in London or in other cities in other countries, etc. We take the time and effort out of individually hunting down recruitment agencies or applying directly, we automate parts of the application process to directly connect you to an employer with minimal effort. Our system is fast, effective and adept at creating great job matches. No skill-set lies outside of our scope and we’re able to match job seekers to employers from an array of sectors and industries - you might just be surprised!

Creating your Profile

Qualified Place Jobs offers many options for creating and customising your profile. You can upload your CV in addition to creating a profile with us to best emphasise and showcase your skills. Many of our recruiters are looking for a variety of skills but generally, employers and recruiters look for both diverse and specific skills both in professional employment across personal life. Dedication to particular industries and sectors will be taken seriously, any ability to demonstrate a high applied knowledge of specific skills to industries will enhance your profile greatly.

Optimize your CV

While job applicants are very used to just submitting their CV, we advise that they take advantage of our CV optimisation service as it raises their chances of landing their dream job. To be perfectly honest, most recruiters don’t have the time to go through cover letters so, employing a candidate wholesomely depends on the info on his/her CV.

Most top recruiters happen to search for CVs using some precise keywords. Employing a little bit of SEO when creating your CV would go a long a way. In this regard, we go the extra mile by offering to help job seekers optimise their CV using some secret tips that are certain to make their CVs rank in most recruiters’ search results. This is where our knowledge of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) comes into play.

Search for niche-based jobs/candidates

This is one of our unique services as job seekers and recruiters can search for the right candidates, as well as niche-based jobs. Candidates can do a career search to land their specific or ideal job that suits their skills and qualifications. As one of the best jobsites in the online sphere, we make use of search engine algorithms that allow job seekers and employers to get matching search results.

With this tool, both parties are quite sure to get the best job and talents.

Applying for jobs

If you are looking to get a job, then you can harness our platform to apply to job posts or openings directly. This saves you some extra seconds of going to the company’s website, searching fruitlessly for the application procedures. Recruiters who advertise job vacancies on our job searchalso leave with us with some specific requirements required of every applicant.

We make this easy by prompting job seekers to fill a list of these requirements when they sign up on our platform. This makes application seamless as they would only need to confirm their info and tap the "apply” button. Find a job within your location.

Job seekers can also search for "job openings near me” or "part-time jobs nearby.” This is essential to those who are looking to work within jobs near me options. You can also search for full-time jobs near me as well. We strive to make job hunting quite seamless as job seekers can search and apply for positions within their proximity.

Research tool

Job applicants can harness our platform as a research tool to look for companies or industries with job opportunities. This is an essential tool as it will help job seekers strategically plan their job hunt. Thus, it prevents you from blind applications as you will be searching and applying for jobs with an informed mind. This tool also allows you to outpace the competition.


Freelancers/consultants who are looking to succeed can get more clients harnessing our job board. Most freelancers are in the business of going through hassles to land their ideal gigs. However, we make this effortless by notifying freelancers about numerous available flexible jobs. With our job board, freelancers and consultants can be at the forefront of being selected when it comes to getting clients or customers.

We are going to be discussing the various ways by which freelancers can leverage our platform to get better results in their endeavours.

Choose your choice job

On our online job website, freelancers/consultants can apply for a position they are very competent in. This allows them to choose without having to constrain themselves to work for positions that they are less suitable for. As regards freelancing and consultation, several recruiters in our database frequently post job openings asking for freelancers or consultants with the exact skill-set needed in their firm or company.

Less competition

Unlike other onlne recruitment agencies, we take pride in being a job searchthat offers less competition to freelancers or consultants. On most freelance platforms, freelancers and consultants are often tasked with the difficulty of bidding for jobs and submitting endless proposals that end in no hiring.

On Qualified Place Jobs, however, we match freelancers with recruiters. How? Freelancers only need to submit their credentials on our job portal, and we provide them with numerous job openings that need filling. This way, the freelancers and consultants don’t have to spend hours searching for jobs on our platform as they can apply for the available job positions that suit their qualifications.

Convenient and flexible

One of the significant features of working as a freelancer is flexibility – the ability to work remotely from home, co-working space, or anywhere in the world. We recognise this feature and consistently dish numerous work-from-home job opportunities to freelancers on our platform. It is a convenient and flexible way for freelancers to get busy with multiple job opportunities and increase their earning potential.

Specific postings

Job posts on our platforms are very specific as candidates would know if it applies to their qualifications by skimming through the job details and roles. This is also an exciting way to save time and focus on the more crucial things.

Save time

Instead of spending quality hours in futility, freelancers can easily get notified as regards any job opening that suits their qualifications. This allows freelancers to get busy with other things while searching for jobs. With this, freelancers can cut through loads of irrelevancies and focus on the things that matter.

Grow your network

Filling out applications for freelance job openings is the best way for freelancers to grow their network and learn about the firms and companies in their field. Applying for job openings via our platform also opens you up to future career opportunities. You would even know the specific roles most recruiters demand in their company. On the plus side, you are more likely to find a job that matches your interest, passion, and experiences, which is often viewed as topnotch.

Build an international career starting today

Are you looking for a move, but maybe not quite sure where to turn?

We aim to help candidates find the very best role to suit their experience/qualifications – whether locally within the UK/Europe or overseas.

With Brexit looming, we understand the uncertainty job seekers are facing when it comes to job opportunities and we aim to make the process as simple as possible.

We work together with companies who are looking for highly skilled candidates (just like you!) and we help ensure the recruitment process is as straightforward as possible.

Take a look at our current vacancies, where we have opportunities throughout a wide range of sectors, including engineering, teaching, IT, healthcare and oil and gas. We are continuously updating our vacancies as we bring new businesses on board, so even if you don’t find anything suitable right now, keep looking as we tend to update on a regular basis.

You can also upload your CV or sign up for job alerts, so the right roles will look for you!

If you are looking for some expert advice on your job search, take a look at our career’s advice section, where you will find general support, as well as tips about immigrating and securing a role overseas.

We are here to make your journey from application to offer as simple as possible, and we can also offer expert advice on getting the most out of your job search.

Are you looking to develop an international career? Do you want your qualifications and talent to be recognised over where you come from? Use Qualified Place Jobs to find a job and we will help you secure the international job which is rewarding, inspiring and suits you and your future development.

Jobs in the UK: A vast number of professional and qualified jobs are within the UK. Wherever in the world you come from, as long as you are appropriately qualified, you can apply for jobs in the UK listed on Qualified Place Jobs.

Notably there are jobs in London for banking and financial services jobs as well as medical and healthcare jobs within the NHS plus many more besides across a range of different sectors.

Jobs in Europe: Various international jobs in Europe are available across a wide range of professions. Look within our Europe job listings for engineering jobs, consulting jobs, executive jobs and more.

Jobs Overseas: For all international opportunities outside of the UK and Europe use our Overseas section. You can apply for these positions from within the UK or elsewhere in the world as long as you meet the application criteria.

How to find international jobs

We recommend you spend some time reading How it Works. To find the right international vacancies to build international careers we recommend you take the following steps:

  • Refine your search: Use our advanced search features to refine your search. You can browse by sector. For example, here you can search for qualified engineering jobs or science and technology jobs. You can browse by country. For example, if you are looking for healthcare and medical jobs you may search by Australia or the US. You can also browse by company. This is useful if you know that specific employers are highly relevant for your qualifications and skills, such as Pfizer for pharmaceutical jobs.
  • Sell Yourself Club: If you are ready to get seen by the right employers then you should sign up for our Sell Yourself Club. Here you can submit your CV, create a unique and tailored candidate profile and even include videos to help draw the attention of suitable employers.
  • Set up Job Alerts: Set up Job Alerts so that you are notified of relevant positions which match your qualifications and skills as soon as an employer posts them.

Additional tips for securing international jobs

As well as following the above steps, you may find it beneficial to further develop your qualifications as you build an international career. You can do this by using online courses.

We have a large number of qualified courses enabling you to propel your professional career and make yourself an even more ideal candidate. You can browse these by sector so that you can find the right course for you. Many are free online courses and will help you secure an international job.

Choose Qualified Place Jobs and come together with employers where your professional career can flourish.