About Job Search Place

Job Search Place is the main job board of Qualified Place Ltd. Job Search Place believes that being able to access the necessary quality tools for recruitment purposes has become essential for a successful hiring campaign. Employers and hiring managers are depending more heavily on technology and online functions to screen and assess new job seekers. The industry as a whole is becoming more reliant on automated or online-based systems and is increasingly using time-saving tools like online interviews to expedite the hiring process.

Qualified Place’s Job Search Place is an industry leader in providing the essential features that are needed to identify and connect qualified job seekers with employers. Up-to-the-minute technology and a suite of valuable candidate and recruiting tools provide everything that hiring managers and job seekers need from an online recruitment agency. Job Search Place is at the forefront of industry changes and stays ahead of movements in recruiting and employment to keep recruiters and job seekers fully up to date with new trends.

A recent shift in the hiring process has seen an influx of employees who are much more discerning about the type of companies they are willing to work for. No longer are new entrants to the workforce simply looking for a job. This has created a need in recruiters to modify hiring strategies and move away from the usual hiring methods if they want to attract viable talent.

Businesses need to be able to identify, recruit, and hold on to the best talent, and these recent changes in the selection process make it all the more challenging. As new graduates enter the workforce, sensibilities and attitudes have shifted leading to an adjustment in anticipated workplace offerings, and overall career expectations. Recruiters can expect to be ‘interviewed’ for suitability by the prospective employee in a 180-degree turn from the typical job interview format of previous years.

Recruiters can commonly be asked questions that pertain to a company’s core values, ethos, mission, ethics, social responsibility, and charitable causes. The upcoming workforce cares about who they work for just as much as where they work and what they do. This shift in agenda has partly been responsible for the creation of Job Search Place to adapt and respond to the underlying changes that are currently taking place in the recruiting and job placement environment for both recruiters and employees.

At Qualified Place’s Job Search Place we understand that in this competitive job market it is crucial to connect employees and recruiters quickly to make a positive and lasting impact. Success for job seekers is heavily dependent on getting in front of the right people and making a good impression. On the other side of things, recruiters need to be able to search and locate viable job seekers quickly for open job postings and make successful hiring decisions.

Without a doubt, the industry has seen an increase in activity over recent years and the search for qualified job seekers has become much more targeted and aggressive. Here at Job Search Place, we sit at the intersection of a digitally advanced online recruitment agency and up-to-the-minute targeted search functions for qualified job seekers. Providing leading solutions for each area of speciality. We bring recruiters and job seekers together with a focused intent that promotes the best possible outcome for both groups.

From executive positions all the way to entry-level jobs, we offer search and sourcing tools that assist industry-specific recruitment. Making advertising, selection, and identification of the correct job seekers a trouble-free and intuitive process. Leading technology and the extensive experience of our team allows us to leverage knowledge and technical versatility to create an outstanding job search and recruitment platform. With years of prior business experience and top technology design skills, we effectively address a number of common frustrations and pain points found among both job seekers and recruiters in their search for ideal placement and candidate location.

Helping recruiters to manage the hiring process from the initial stages through to successful recruitment creates a system that flows smoothly across all lines. Recruiters may view job seeker’s CVs for suitability and make direct connections with prospective employees. Profile pages serve to further highlight candidate abilities and can be browsed freely by hiring managers, giving increased opportunities to locate the right employee.

For job seekers, access to valuable tools like online CV posting, advanced job search, profile pages, and instant job alerts provides the ability to react quickly to opportunities. Yielding a higher rate of success and leading to a better level of mutually beneficial job placements.

Job Search Place’s mission is to become the leading provider for active recruitment and job search across all industries. With features like applied technology and advanced job matching capabilities, our platform provides extensive recruitment assistance. Employees seeking a career change or progression will benefit from our networking and sourcing methods to amplify their job search efforts. While recruiters will benefit from an extensive network of advertising partners and online candidate identification tools.

Thousands of applicants are searching job boards all over the internet every single day to apply for the latest and most coveted opportunities. As one of the newest and most innovative platforms, we use the latest technology to streamline the job application process for our users to achieve positive and ongoing results.

Our ultimate goal is to create a revolutionary, technically advanced platform that addresses all possible job needs, reduces inherent pain points, and provides a stack of resources for recruiters and job seekers alike. Leading the industry and propelling recruitment platforms forward into a new sphere that leaves traditional job boards behind.

What We Do

Based on industry studies Job Search Place has determined that the hiring process is shifting to a more candidate focussed base. This is in direct opposition to the long-established hiring processes of the past 50 years. As these standards move and transform, recruiting methods are changing with them.

With that in mind, our team has developed a state of the art platform that provides a full array of tools for employees and recruiters. Facilitating the hiring and job search process to create a system that operates with enviable ease. Recruiters and job seekers will benefit from the assortment of hiring tools available. All designed to cut downtime and improve communication between employer and potential employee.

With a highly experienced multidisciplinary team, we have designed Job Search Place to bring a streamlined and sophisticated job search and recruitment process to our users. Managing recruitment and hiring processes efficiency is a time and money-saving procedure, and we have endeavoured to use every available resource to perfect a platform that automates a large portion of the process. Honing the recruiting, hiring, and job search function to a level that neatly supersedes our list of competitors.

User experience is a driving factor in our development, and the design and functionality of our site will provide an intuitive, straightforward and user-friendly experience. Design standards are created with recruiters and employees in mind to provide responsive and clear navigation throughout the site, that makes for simple operation and easy access to information.

A fully featured advertising and job management dashboard is provided for easy posting and management of job listings. Recruiters may post, delete, or edit any job listings while accessing applications for review. A dedicated CV search supplies sourcing of passive job seekers that may be contacted directly from the website.

Advanced job matching and search criteria allow our systems to sort and filter prospective job seekers for job opportunities, and removes any that are unsuitable. Online job tools are available to help with the selection process and interviews and assessments may be conducted to narrow down selections to qualified job seekers. A stringent applicant filtering process assures that recruiters receive only the best candidate information from our online employment agency.

Unique to the Job Search Place’s online recruitment agency is the ability for users to post videos for self-promotion purposes to help find a job. Functioning as an online CV, job seekers can introduce themselves, highlight skills, and talk about work experience on a recorded message. Recruiters have unlimited access to viewing the videos and can reach out to qualified job seekers with offers of full-time or part-time jobs, or task-based job vacancies. This section of our jobs website operates in a similar fashion to other freelance marketplace job sites.

For qualified job seekers, we offer a range of search tools to filter job vacancies by full-time jobs or part-time jobs, search by keyword or location, find a job near me, and apply for a job online. Job vacancy alerts, CV posting, and other resources can be used to further pinpoint viable online jobs. Combined with a range of tools to improve and enhance search capability, our online recruitment agency is committed to bringing the best-matched jobs to job seekers. Direct contact with employers provides instant results and interview scheduling can be done via the job site and held online to reduce waiting time.

Why Advertising with Us

Job Search Place is your primary source for an online job posting and candidate discovery online. We strive to simplify the hiring process and maximize your advertising budget by using advanced candidate matching techniques.

If you have attempted to hire for any kind of position recently then you will know that the job market is a highly competitive industry. As with any business that is a fast-moving entity, the landscape is always moving and shifting to accommodate demand, and job portals internet-wide are in an ever-changing contest to keep up with one another. A quick search online will reveal many job sites that are in the business of connecting employers to job seekers. A closer inspection will reveal dozens of them posting the same job listings in an attempt to entice the same job seekers.

A number of the more well-known sites are utilising numerous tools to help both recruiters and job seekers streamline their job search process to help bring successful results. Featured listings, interview tools, candidate search and other methods of assistance are offered in an attempt to successfully match qualified applicants to hiring managers and recruitment specialists.

For a recruiter looking to hire for jobs in London or job vacancies in the UK, having a wealth of useful options and advertising features can be vital to a successful candidate search. In a world where sourcing and identifying the ideal job applicant is a priority, staying ahead of the competition can be challenging. Having the ability to reach the best job seekers and promote your company over your competitors gives you the leading edge when it comes to hiring.

The process of job advertising and recruiting can be costly when done on a consistent basis. Job postings, features, videos, company outlines, and candidate selection can all deplete resources. We want to help you maximise your recruitment budget and make your applicant sourcing a smooth, fluid process that fulfils your businesses acquisition goals.

Here at Job Search Place, we bring you all of the standard features you would expect from a modern job portal combined with state of the art systems and sophisticated user functions. We use the latest technologically advanced methods to match you with your ideal job seekers. We create a hiring process that is without fuss, and without sending a stack of irrelevant applications. We appreciate your time is valuable so we make it our job to filter out any applications that don’t meet your specifications. Leaving you with only the most experienced, viable, job seekers.

That’s why advertising with us can save you time and effort when sourcing suitable job applicants. We take care of the hard work by promoting your listings to our partner sites to give you the best possible reach. Leaving you to focus on scheduling interviews and talking to qualified job seekers.

Explore our advertising options and find one that fits your needs and budget. From small business to large corporations we have pricing plans to fit any size operation or recruiting demands. Advertise with us today and see how we can provide useful insights and streamline your candidate search process.

Our Job Board Features

Finding the best fit as an employer or an employee is essential for business success. Having the right people in key roles can make or break a company. You know the kind of person or position you are looking for, and our job search site will help to locate them. Job Search Place works for job vacancies in the UK or further afield. Whether hiring for jobs in London or any area of Europe, our job search site is your premier partner.

Helping to connect qualified job seekers with recruitment professionals is the primary function of Job Search Place. Having access to a user friendly and easy to navigate job board helps with that process. Job listings can be easily viewed and monitored from the jobs page and online jobs are updated regularly. Employers can post their listings for any industry and at any given time our jobs website has a varied selection of opportunities for many different industries all over the world.

For job seekers that need to find a job online in specific locations, these can be found using the search filters or the ‘jobs near me’ function. For industries or areas, the keyword search will return results that have been filtered to the terms. Searches can be performed solely by location, like a UK specific job search, or industry. Results can be viewed easily on the jobs listings page.

Interested job seekers can simply click and apply with a CV and cover letter. If these have already been uploaded to your employee account then attach them to your application with just a couple of clicks. All online jobs are open to apply and will be removed on expiration to bring you only the latest active listings.

Both recruiters and job seekers can enjoy the features of Job Search Place’s online employment agency with functions and features added to make the hiring and application process as easy as possible for our users. With an easy to navigate interface and dashboard, everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Whether you are posting or looking, benefit from our online recruitment agency tools and find qualified job seekers or open listings from our jobs search site with features like: Instant Posting, Unlimited Jobs, User Dashboard, Screened Applicants, Job Alerts, CV Posting. Profile Pages, Fast Response, Direct Contact.

Whatever your recruitment goals we have the tools to help you achieve them. With our proven methods of job matching, candidate search, and accessible features, your staffing needs can be easily managed. Search functions and CV viewing are available for recruiters with profile pages featuring additional candidate information. Make your candidate selections based on solid information and career data.

Our tools and features have been designed to help recruiters and qualified job seekers make the right connections. Up to the minute information and technology means that you have the most advanced recruiting and job search tools available to help post an ad or find a job online.

We have leveraged our skills and expertise with the most advanced technology available to help perform hiring or job search tasks. If you need to hire new employees or are a job seeker that is looking for work then get started at Job Search Place and see how easy it is to connect, apply, and hire.

Browse the jobs listing page, view CV’s, find a job match, post a job, or apply online in just a few clicks.

Job Search UK

If you are a business that is located in the United Kingdom then Job Search Place is here to make your candidate sourcing operation more successful. Being able to source and target the right job seekers for your UK job search is central to the recruiter’s role, and getting it right isn’t always easy. Matching the right person to the available job is essential for successful business operations, and to mitigate ongoing costs that are associated with the hiring process and subsequent turnover rates.

From a budgetary perspective, hiring expenses can be one of the biggest line items on a businesses P & L statement. Most recruitment professionals are aware that the cost of unsuccessful hires can impact an annual budget negatively. Leaving gaps in companies hiring needs can cause stress and anxiety among hiring managers and the rest of the business team. At Job Search Place our goal is to reduce that stress and create a hiring environment that yields fast, positive results and brings the best job seekers directly to recruiters.

It is essential for recruitment operations to run successfully in order for businesses to meet their staffing and occupational needs. Having a reliable partner to assist in hiring operations can reduce the waste generated by unsuitable job seekers and help to streamline recruiting processes and expenses with accelerated and targeted hiring.

Using our specialised advanced job matching algorithms we present your listings to only the most viable job seekers. Saving recruiters a ton of time sorting and filtering irrelevant applications. Job seekers can take advantage of our highly targeted job alerts which will send notifications to appropriate job seekers the second a relevant position is posted.

If you are hiring for a specific opening or want to increase your bank of applicants to combat attrition rates, then posting a job at Job Search Place is fast and easy. Simply sign up for an account, post your job with description and salary information (if applicable), and wait for the applications from qualified job seekers.

From large corporations to small and medium enterprise Job Search Place is the leader in hiring and selection for UK based companies, partnering with many national and well-known brands to provide all of their recruitment needs.

For smaller or ‘one-off’ needs take advantage of our candidate pages featuring bios, videos, and overviews of employee talents and specialities. This operates similar to other recognisable freelancer marketplaces online and allows recruiters to browse profiles and directly contact suitable employees. Contract terms may be negotiated directly with providers for short-term or one-time employment arrangements.

In addition to our candidate search, job matching service, and up-to-the-minute hiring alerts, members of Job Search Place may also search and browse job seeker’s CVs to source suitable applicants. The potential candidate may then be contacted directly via our website with a request for further information or to schedule an interview.

Job Search Place provides recruiters with a full-service online recruitment agency solution to support any and all hiring needs. Sign up for an account today and see how we can accelerate your hiring process by providing you with a selection of the best qualified, vetted, job seekers.

Job Search Europe

For businesses that are seeking to hire for jobs in Europe, the candidate search can often prove more complex than that of simply hiring in one country. Differences in legislation, employment laws, and even language can prove tough to navigate for even the most experienced recruitment professional. In an ever-changing landscape, the need for accurate candidate targeting is even higher than normal, leading to a complex and difficult recruitment process.

As global business becomes ever more prevalent, and companies move across the world, many find themselves faced with the challenge of locating European or internationally based job seekers. Often requiring employees with multilingual talents or other specialities who are able to cross boundaries, both physical and cultural, during the course of performing their employment duties. This highly specialised recruiting procedure requires the most dedicated and knowledgeable hiring managers to address the rising need.

Most recruitment professionals recognise that successful hiring can have a direct impact on the bottom line, and businesses place a high emphasis on being able to locate and identify the ideal candidate. Turnover, unsuccessful hires, and attrition are all responsible for costs that, if unchecked, can run into excessive amounts, and the recruiter is responsible for managing such costs in many instances. Having a recruiting platform that understands the needs and pressures of international hiring can promote and support successful candidate location.

At Job Search Place we recognise the growing need for accurate and dynamic candidate sourcing across the UK and European countries. That’s why we are focused on providing a dedicated search program that meets all possible hiring criteria.

Searching for job seekers that have multilingual language abilities has been identified as a growing need among global or European companies and corporations. Our specialised candidate matching and advanced search criteria target the job seekers that are best suited to your open positions.

Using our suite of advanced tools we source and identify the most qualified job seekers for your job, saving you the time it takes to filter and sort irrelevant applications. In addition to job matching, our highly accurate job alerts system notifies suitable job seekers the second that your job is posted. Targeting the best-qualified employees on your behalf with specific skills such as multilingual abilities.

In addition to targeted search and job match functions, site members can browse our CV pages to identify additional applicants. Suitably matched individuals may be contacted directly to request further employment information, assess skills, or to schedule an interview.

For help with occasional or short term jobs, candidate pages may be viewed. These pages contain detailed information of the candidate's work history and experience and are complemented by short video profiles providing an insight into each job seeker. Potential employees may be contacted via the site and short term or one-time contracts negotiated directly.

Job Search Place understands the challenges international recruiters face and provides a full-service solution to support complex hiring needs. Sign up for an account today and see how we can accelerate your hiring process by providing you with a selection of the best international job seekers.

Job seekers

Register your job seeker account with us and access all of Job Search Place’s great search features. Sign up takes just a couple of minutes and is completely free. As soon as your account is active you will be able to access all job search and platform features to help you find a job online.

Registered users can upload a CV to our portal so your information can be found easily by recruiters and employers searching for top job seekers. Showcase work experience, skills, employment history, and qualifications easily. Hiring managers may search posted CVs by specific criteria and review returned job seekers for job suitability. Qualified job seekers can be contacted by recruiters directly to schedule an interview or request more information.

Registering an account with Job Search Place also provides access to a host of other great features like online interviews, job alerts, jobs near me, and direct recruiter contact to help you in your job search, and our newly introduced job videos for freelance or gig style jobs. Job seekers can upload their video to pitch for smaller jobs and be contacted instantly through our job search site by employers seeking assistance with their tasks. This allows job seekers an additional resource to find work and generate revenue streams.

Sell Yourself

A vital part of successful job acquisition is a candidate’s ability to effectively promote their talents to recruiters and hiring managers. In an increasingly competitive market place, having an array of promotional and marketing tools at your disposal will get the right message to the right people and help find a job online. In a fast-moving business environment, employers are constantly searching for the best and brightest job seekers to fulfil open roles and bring exceptional skills or abilities to their company.

As the job market becomes more and more competitive, recruiting processes are being continually developed in the effort to target the best and most appropriate candidate for job openings. Using the latest available cutting edge technology, Job Search Place brings their expertise and recruitment knowledge to job seekers and recruitment specialists. Making the process of finding a suitable job and being successfully hired, a more dynamic and intelligent procedure for all those involved in the process.

Qualified Place’s Job Search Place provides a full suite of candidate sourcing and job search tools for both job seekers and recruiters, creating a highly effective hiring solution for both parties. Employers can advertise for skilled job seekers and target top job seekers with advanced search criteria, or browse profiles and CVs that have been uploaded to our platform.

Job seekers can take advantage of up-to-the-minute job alerts that notify job seekers instantly of new job postings, or find geo-located jobs with the ‘jobs near me’ function. Online jobs can be searched for posted positions using advanced search features that filter and sort open positions by specific criteria. Along with our full range of employer and candidate tools for job search and sourcing, Job Search Place also provides additional up-to-date features to help you promote your services and unique specialities to future employers.

Save time spent searching dozens of job boards and market skills directly to recruiters using candidate profile pages. Set up a profile that features experience, work history, and qualifications in an easy to read and digestible format. Support entries by recording a short introductory video that highlights unique skills or specialities that employers may be searching for.

Recruiters may browse candidate profiles and contact suitable individuals directly from the site. Contracts are negotiated between employer and employee directly and many of these occasions are for short term or one-off jobs. Providing job seekers a great way to demonstrate skills and abilities to a potential future employer. This operates in a way that is similar to some of the well-known freelance job platforms currently available online.

This unique feature is part of Job Search Place’s quest to bring job seekers the latest available tools and assist and support job search efforts. An instantly viewable video provides a visual and audio snapshot of job seekers in a highly personal and direct manner that supports job applications.

As many recruiters are embracing technology and moving to online interviews via Zoom or similar platforms, having the ability to provide a short and personal video in advance gives recruiters an instant human connection. Providing an in-depth understanding of the candidate that is not possible from reading a CV or standard application.