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Posted 2 days 19 hours ago by ABM Industries

Not Specified
Manufacturing Operations
Texas, Austin, United States, 78724

ABM, a leading provider of integrated facility solutions, is looking for an HVAC Technician. The HVAC Technician is responsible for operating, maintaining and performing repairs on assigned...

Posted 2 days 19 hours ago by Colowyo Coal Company

Not Specified
Maintenance Jobs
New Mexico, Farmington, United States, 87401

Positions are based at Colowyo Mine in Meeker, CO. We have openings for: Maintenance Mechanic III - VI (IRC31095) Maintenance Supervisor (IRC31675) To apply please visit our website at ...

Posted 2 days 19 hours ago by US Xpress

Full Time
Transport & Logistics
Oklahoma, Duncan, United States, 73533

Choose U.S. Xpress for an **EXTRA $12,000 in Your First Year!**-$1000 Paid Monthly\- \*Available in certain locations\. Ask for details\.#### **24 Months and You OWN IT!**BE YOUR OWN BOSS...

Posted 2 days 19 hours ago by COZAD COMMUNITY HOSPITAL

Not Specified
Laboratory Jobs
Nebraska, Cozad, United States, 69130

Laboratory TechnicianCozad Community Hospital is looking for a qualified Laboratory Technician to join our team. You will be responsible for the collection and analysis of laboratory specimens...

Posted 2 days 19 hours ago by Jovia Financial Credit Union

Not Specified
New York, Old Westbury, United States, 11568

Say Hello to Working on the Bright Side We are Jovia Financial Credit Union (Formerly NEFCU). Jovia connects us to the friendliness and ease of doing business with us as well as captures...

Recruit the qualified talents you need. No compromises.

Qualified Place focuses on international jobs of a professional and qualified nature.

Why international jobs?

Qualifications and professional skill and experience are of greater importance than the country the candidate comes from. Similarly, professional job opportunities where talent is recognised and developed cannot be limited by borders.

Therefore, in the professional and qualified recruitment sector, jobs need to be recruited for on a truly international scale. That’s what we do at Qualified Place using our International Job board which can be searched by country, job type, skill and more.

An employer’s conundrum

As an employer, seeking professionally qualified candidates, you are faced with some distinct hurdles. Finding your ideal candidates in sectors characterised by skills gaps and international mobility can be tricky. This is exacerbated by a pool of candidates who themselves have limited resources to dedicate to their job seeking.

All too often, employers settle for second best. You ‘make do’ in your recruitment. It needn’t be like this.

You do not need to simultaneously cast the net wide and also make sacrifices just to fill a professional vacancy. Not when you choose Qualified Place.

The Qualified Place solution

By advertising professional and qualified roles as international jobs and international vacancies we enable the right candidates and the right employers to find each other. We bring you together.

We eliminate those without the appropriate skills and qualifications from your search whilst also opening up the borders of your reach. The result is a refined candidate pool that brings you authentic and ideal candidates, not second best.

Talent over location. Do professional recruitment differently.

Our specialised fields

By approaching professional and qualified recruitment in this different and more successful way, we cater to some distinct specialised fields.

  • Medicine and healthcare jobs: There is significant global movement of medical and healthcare talent within both qualified doctor roles and nursing positions. Recruiting for these positions needs to be done at an international level. This is particularly true for positions in the UK (specifically for the NHS), Ireland, Australia, US (such as for UnitedHealthcare) and New Zealand. List specialised niche medical and healthcare jobs on Qualified Place.
  • Consulting jobs: Consulting jobs are often based within Europe but are also applicable within the US. Often with consulting jobs employers actively seek those with experience elsewhere globally to bring about change to their own model.
  • Banking and financial services jobs: Whilst there is still a focus on jobs in London for the banking and financial sector, skills shortages are necessitating a global movement of talent.
  • Science jobs: There are a vast number of different science jobs which require qualification and talent across the globe such as astrophysicists, oceanographers and pharmaceutical professionals (e.g. for Pfizer, Roche or Johnson & Johnson). This includes nuclear energy jobs, for example in Tokyo, Toronto or Vienna and for companies such as Horizon Nuclear Power or the Urenco Group. Scientists are also highly sought after within the renowned international sector of Oil and Gas.
  • Engineering jobs: Engineering is a traditionally international profession and remains so. From aerospace jobs to mechanical engineers, employers can use Qualified Place to identify talent from around the globe e.g. Airbus Group in the Netherlands. Engineering jobs are often found within NGOs across the world.
  • IT and technology jobs: In the digital age borders are becoming increasingly less important and more globalised systems are relevant. As such, the country of origin rarely matters, whereas universal skills in IT and technology jobs do. There is a huge demand for qualified candidates for IT and technology jobs in London, throughout Europe and south-east Asia. Large international IT and technology job employers include HP, Amazon, Apple, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and of course Google.
  • Executive jobs: As professionals move up an organisation it can become increasingly difficult to find the right skills within your standard sphere of influence. For executive jobs we highly recommend identifying the qualifications you need and then extending the search internationally.
  • Education and teaching jobs: Education jobs and teaching jobs are ideal for international recruitment. Don’t limit your talent acquisition by imposing borders on your recruitment.

Get started with making qualified recruitment work for you. Choose to list your international vacancies with Qualified Place and get the right people in the right place.