16th Sep 2019

How to Prepare a Presentation and Land Your Dream Job

You have breezed through the various interview stages in your quest to land the perfect job and now you’ve been told to prepare a presentation. How do you keep it engaging, show the interviewers that you know your stuff and land your dream job? These are some of the ways you can prepare a presentation and impress your audience.

Do Your Research

The presentation will be on a specific subject and the interviewers are primarily looking to understand your knowledge in this area. It is, therefore, important that you conduct thorough research on the subject matter and that your presentation covers the answers to any questions. Pay attention to the time and make sure you practice your presentation as otherwise you might end up going over your time without covering the essentials. If you don’t cover the essentials, they won’t be able to pass you. Preparation is key.

Quality Graphics

In addition to the quality of your communication skills, it is also important to use good quality graphics and text on your slides. The interviewers are looking to see that you can present well in all respects, from the way you carry yourself to the effectiveness of your graphics. Your audience don’t want to have to have to squint to be able to see the information on your slides.

Keep it Light

Although it’s not a stand-up show, your audience don’t want to be bored to tears as you droll on through the presentation. Make sure you add some humour into your presentation, keep it light, while ensuring it is informative. Your audience will be more engaged if you add some humour into your presentation and it will make them feel more relaxed. Put yourself in the shoes of your captive audience. How do you want to feel while watching a presentation? What would make you feel engaged?

Simple Slides

Your presentation should be simple, with only one point per slide. The interviewers are looking to see that you can organise yourself well and cramming your slides full of text will not achieve this. Your slides should offer everything the reader needs to know to cover the main aspects of each point.


Presentations can be nerve wracking, but just remember, it’s only other people you are with. Try and relate to them during your presentation and be as personable as possible, while still maintaining professionalism. You may want to read up on the interviewers a bit before you prepare your presentation, to get a better insight into their personalities. You can gauge a lot through their interactions on social media. Are their posts quite light-hearted or do they seem quite serious? This can give you a better indication of how to present your content to relate to your audience.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and took something away from it! We would love to hear any tips you might have about presentations you have undertaken. Remember, if you liked the blog, please share on your social media platforms!

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