08th Aug 2021

How to find working from home jobs in the UK

How to find working from home jobs in the UK

Need to find  working from home jobs in the UK? This article will show you where to find them. Depending on things like study or other commitments you may find that a working from home job in the UK suits you best. The nice thing about this kind of employment is that it can often be fitted around other busy schedules or timetables so you can still earn while fulfilling other obligations. 

Check freelance platforms

There are many job platforms dedicated to the freelance market that can help you find work. Working from home in London or any other city is now a viable method of earning income. Freelance platforms or marketplaces will help you find a range of work from home jobs ranging from one-off gigs to regular, stable work. If you have technical ability many of these platforms will specialise in jobs around web building, graphic design or other tech type jobs

Search job sites

While you may not think of looking for work from home  in the UK on a standard job site the truth is that freelancing and working from home has become more accepted in the past couple of years. Due to Covid restrictions, many workers have been forced out of the office and employers have hired remote or work from home employees to run their businesses. Search for work from home opportunities in London and other cities using job search tools and find opportunities that will work for you. 

Use your hashtags

The hashtags #wfh (work from home) of #wah(work at home) can be found on multiple social media platforms. As working from home in the UK is not restricted by location you can find jobs all over the country using these hashtags. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all use these hashtags and employers looking for remote workers will often add them to their job posts so you can follow them to be notified of the latest work from home opportunities. The other benefit is that by using social media platforms you can contact the poster directly via their page of direct messaging to follow up on job posts

Search work at home sites

There are a number of websites that deal only with working from home jobs in the UK. Unlike freelancer sites where many of the jobs are tech-based, working from home websites can feature opportunities that range from skilled to unskilled. This could be things like stuffing coupons into envelopes or fitting together the pieces of small promotional items. Many of the jobs do not require any special expertise as they are performance or volume-based can be done within the hours that suit you. 

Search local web ads

A number of sites advertise items for sale or service available and are electronic versions of the newspaper classified ads. There are often opportunities posted for working from home jobs in the UK and companies use these smaller sites to target local areas. So if you are looking for a job working from home in London you can filter your search to that specific region to find jobs that are suitable. 

Watch out for scams

Working from home in the UK is a flexible way to make money, but while many home-based opportunities are legitimate there are a large number of scams out there. Be careful when applying for work at home positions and be wary of anyone that asks you to pay money up front for a training fee or similar. These are likely to be fake jobs designed to make you part with your cash. Even so, there are plenty of real opportunities to be had that will pay fairly for the work you perform. 


Finding a working from home job in the UK can not only provide you with an income but there are several other benefits to being employed this way. You avoid all of the office politics, don’t have to deal with managers, and you don’t have to travel or commute to work, saving you time and petrol, or the money you would spend on public transportation. Working from home is growing in popularity so consider it if you need to make money and your time is limited.