14th Sep 2021

How to find a job in Europe

How to find a job in Europe

If you are looking to move countries and are wondering how to find ajob in Europe this article will help you to improve your search and locate the opportunities that are right for you. Whether you are a recent grad or a few years into your career there may come a time when you need to relocate. This means that unless you are fortunate enough to work for a company that will pay for your move, you will need to find job vacancies in Europe. 

Check work eligibility requirements

Each county can vary dramatically in terms of rules, work eligibility, and entry requirements so it will be important that you make sure you have the necessary documentation in place before starting your search to find jobs in Europe. With the recent changes brought about by Brexit and shifting EU regulations, laws for each countrywill need to be checked carefully. Wherever you move you will need to be compliant, some places will require a full visa while others may only need a work permit. Make sure that you are eligible to work before applying for jobs in Europe.

Apply to multi-national companies

Businesses and corporations that have a presence in multiple countries will be more open to hiring employees from outside of the region. Chances are they already employ a number of staff that have immigrated from other countries which means your chances of gaining employment are higher. Many companies are supportive of a diverse and multicultural team, which provides a great opportunity to find jobs in Europe.

Network across countries

When it comes to finding vacancies in Europe building a network of contacts across the region can stand you in good stead. Having connections can be helpful when finding jobs in Europe. They may work for or know of a company that is seeking talent, and be able to provide you with a referral. Word of mouth is one of the best-known ways to find employment of any kind so when searching Europe for vacancies be sure to make time for networking. 

Use a European job search site

There are many job sites to choose from but many focus on one specific country or region. Expand your search and find jobs in Europe by using a site that targets the region. Search for jobs that will provide you with the opportunity to live and work abroad. Staying open-minded can be helpful here, instead of targeting your dream job, be open to opportunities that may lead to your dream job in a few years. Or consider vacancies that align with your skills and education. 

Use a recruitment agency Europe based

Recruitment agencies usually have a wealth of information when it comes to the opportunities available, the companies hiring, and the contacts to connect with. Leverage this knowledge to your advantage to find the prime European vacanciesthat are open. A good recruitment agency can help you to smooth the process from application to job interview and position you for success. They can also be invaluable for supplying you with tips on etiquette and expected behaviour. Some countries may enjoy 5 or 10 minutes of small talk before an interview while others may regard it as rude or wasteful of their time.

Improve your language skills

Assuming you know where you want to work in Europe your language skills will benefit from improvement. Even if you are not fluent in the local language learning a few choice words and phrases, or even a polite greeting can go a long way to impressing your interviewer. Try using an online language course or an online translation service to learn a few simple words. If you have any local contacts from your networking, ask them to help you with some basics. 


Trying to find a job in Europe can be difficult, but not impossible. Leveraging your skills and making the right connections can help you source some of the best opportunities at hiring companies. Correct documentation like work permits and being open to new opportunities will support a more successful search for jobs in Europe. There are plenty of jobs available, and using these tips will help you to locate the best ones.