How it works

If you are an employer or a company based within the United Kingdom or Internationally, you may use Qualified Place - Jobs Online UK Ltd to post a job description about your available vacancies. You may also choose to make it a ‘featured job’ to increase its visibility and attract a larger number of highly qualified job seekers to your advert.

If you are a job seeker (from the UK or abroad) then you may wish to upload your CV. You can sell yourself to increase your visibility to recruiters by highlighting your qualifications and achievements; this will ensure that you’re hired more quickly. You may also learn more about the perspective company you wish to join.

By developing relationships with employers both within the UK and internationally, you may jump the queue and secure an interview without going via a recruiter or having to fill out lengthy application forms first.

Job seekers, you can use Qualified Place - Jobs Online UK Ltd to write aneye-catching profile about yourself. You should discuss your skills, knowledge and experience and you may even wish to add a picture and/or video, as this can increase your reach and thus enables you to connect with a larger audience. You may want to mention whether you are looking for long term or temporary work, the areas in which you wish to reside and the industry within which your expertise lie.

Head over to our ‘Sell yourself Club’ to connect with a perspective company or candidate. Use our innovative and expert platform to make the connections you need to further your career or your company.

Find our more about Qualified Place - Jobs Online UK Ltd by visiting our ‘Mission’ page and find out how and why we want to help you. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch, however, do check our Frequently Asked Questions section first as you may easily find your answer there.