Service Science and Sustainability

Duration : 3 weeks
Study Method : Online
Subject : Business
Discover the science behind service systems, and in the process learn how the service sector can become more sustainable.
Course Description

Discover what service science is and how to best provide sustainable services

The service industry is underpinned by the systems that help to provide a service, and the stakeholders in the companies involved.

Understanding this complex ecosystem is the task of service science – a new discipline that aims to understand the service sector more clearly.

On this course, you’ll analyse practical examples of service systems – their stakeholders and their value propositions. You’ll understand how services are co-created, and practise the methods and tools of service science.

Ultimately you’ll learn how the service industry as a whole can become more sustainable.

Service science is a multi-disciplinary area of study. Students from different backgrounds – information management, design, computer science, social science, etc – will find service science rewarding.

Students wanting to understand service from a more holistic and dynamic viewpoint would also benefit.

Moreover, this course is ideal for people working in the service industry looking to enhance the sustainability of service by using innovative methodology and tools.

Career Path
  • Explore the discipline of service science, and understand the system view and value co-creation principles
  • Develop knowledge of service science, and cross your disciplines to frame the issues of sustainability
  • Investigate the real-world service system, and know how to analyze service systems by several case studies
  • Design your own way of investigation, and practice the methods and tools for enhancing the sustainability of service systems
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