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A Career Advice Place, you will find information, advice and guidance to help you make  the right steps and  choices about  progressing to employment, career development, accessing to education and training that will  help to find your dream job. You will find useful career advice resources to help you throughout your job search process. From CV writing to  starting your job.


08th Jul 2019

Tips For Finding A Job

Make your job search more easier and quicker. Find below the most proved effective tips to find your dream job.

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26th Jun 2019

What Should I Do After PhD?

If you have a PhD, you may struggle to find a job that is suitable to your qualifications outside academic teaching, particularly if your PhD grades were not in the top post-graduates to be hired to teach at University or work in Research Institutions. Here are some tips about what you should to get your dream job.

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13th Jun 2019

5 Tips For A Successful Interview

You have been shortlisted for a job interview — Well done! Now, the next step: Prepare, Prepare, Prepare ! Including Practice, Practice, Practice ! To help you get prepared, we have compiled below the most proved tips for a successful interview.

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04th Feb 2019

How to sell yourself to get a job you want?

This is a guide for job seekers about how to sell yourself in order to get your dream job. Selling yourself can feel uncomfortable, but it’s truly essential. If you don’t point out your best qualities as a candidate to get your dream job, who will?

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24th Jan 2019

The Right Place for Qualified Job Seekers

Qualified Place is a UK based job board that serves recruiters and job seekers in the UK and beyond by bringing together candidates and employers who need to focus on qualifications, professionalism and skills.

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