About Us

Qualified Place  is a job search place and online recruitment agency with the commitment to link job seekers with recruiters in the UK, Europe, and internationally. At Qualified Place Jobs, you can find Jobs in UK and  Jobs in Europe. Qualified Place Jobs  value all qualifications by courses, learning and experience.

We understand that recruiting the best talents is a headache faced by all recruiters regardless of the size of their organisation. Likewise, job hunting can be physically, emotionally, psychologically draining – thus the need to act as a bridge between job seekers and hiring companies.

We boast a vast database of companies seeking to recruit qualified candidates, freelancers, and a search engine solution that is poised at connecting the best candidates with these companies. Our job search  site aims to scrutinize all candidate that signs up on our platform and links them with several job opportunities that match their qualifications.

Over the years, we’ve built a solid reputation that has thrived on the ability to link employers with talents in rare career sectors such as IT, Engineering, Manufacturing, Science and Technology, Health, Education, Hospitality, and Tourism and a host of others.

Our approach is custom-made for each sector, and we leverage the latest technology to arrive at a perfect match between recruiters and job seekers. With jobs near me features, Jobs In UK and Jobs in Europe , Job seekers have all job vacancies available across regions and industries.

Qualified Place's Job Search Place is dedicated to matching skilled candidates with employers across all sectors and industries both within the UK and internationally. Qualified Place  Job has developed our jobs and careers service to meet the changing and increasing demands of certain types of employment in the context of the UK’s changing political landscape and shifting EU relations.

The end of free movement, the introduction of points based system and visa restrictions post-Brexit will reduce the influx of skilled and qualified overseas workers, Qualified Place Jobs helps both candidates and employers meet the new demands of the UK’s changing job market. We combine considerable first-hand experience with state-of-the-art job matching technology, one-to-one advice, assistance and dedicated service for graduate jobs and those seeking graduate internships and other types of paid internships both in the UK and abroad. We also provide an international job search. Qualified Place Jobs embraces the globalisation of the job market - we want our users to be able to connect to new overseas jobs as well as those within the UK.

Qualified Place Jobs’ specialism is matching workers from UK, Europe and overseas to highly skilled, qualified and qualified jobs. We work closely with both employers and qualified job seekers to ensure the highest quality matches and with our extensive knowledge of all UK job sectors, our selection process is second to none.

For both recruiters and job seekers, Qualified Place Jobs is paving the way towards a new and innovative way to job search search and apply for jobs not just domestically but internationally. You can upload your CV, post a job or simply browse jobs on our international job board.

From international internships to specialised job roles inside and outside of the UK, Qualified Place Jobs understands how dynamic the job market has become, we provide modern tools for modern recruiters and job seekers, our job search comprehensively covers all sectors and industries, we’re here to link dream candidates with dream jobs for excellent long-term working relationships.

How we work

Over the decades, we have helped numerous companies to get the best talent. We also feed these recruiting companies with the actionable data they need to recruit topnotch individuals or candidates for their brands, businesses, or companies. We take pride in being the foremost company that leverages data management to create and drive employment solutions.

At Qualified Place Jobs, we offer a wide range of services such as:

Fostering employment across the globe

We are focused on eradicating unemployment by matching recruiters with qualified candidates. With the solutions we proffer, small businesses, medium-sized companies, and large corporations can now access an extensive network of competent individuals. As a job seeker, you’re in for the dream job that will drive you to the peak of your career.

Promoting brands and business

Advertising a job opening or opportunity on our platform is also a means to grow your business or brand with multiple engagements. With job seekers searching for job vacancies daily such as jobs near me, your company is sure to be seen by an infinite number of people. This form of advertisement has a very high tendency to generate substantial traffic consisting of potential clients and partners to your business.

Managing applications seamlessly

Managing applications from applicants can be a tedious affair as recruiters have to keep up with numerous CV submissions every day. Manual keeping of records would certainly fag you out as a recruiter. Thus, we continually leverage the most innovative technologies that allow employers to filter through thousands of applications seamlessly. No stress, no waste of time – everything is automated to give you the needed comfort to optimise your productivity.

With this feature, as a recruiter, you can make a pre-informed decision on the talents that are most suitable for the open position in your organisation. Thus, we help you to arrive at a win-win situation, whether as an employer or a job seeker.

Allowing candidates to learn more about your company

No need to waste time trying to convince talents to join your company. Qualified Place 's Job Search Place will enable candidates to decide if you are a good fit for them or not. Consequently, as a recruiter, you only need to put out your job, knowing candidates can assess it and see where they fit in. This is very critical as only the candidates that possess the required skills and level of competence needed by the recruiting organisations get to apply for jobs. Unlike other recruitment websites, candidates can leverage our job portal to discover numerous companies where their services and skills are greatly needed and appreciated.

Knowing precisely where you fit in

Harnessing our job portal, candidates can apply to specific job opportunities that suit their qualifications and availability. Knowing where you fit in saves you from throwing your CV at every available job opening, hoping, and wishing someone somewhere will call you for an interview.

On the other side, leveraging our platform will afford you the time and peace of mind to do other things that matter most to you since we have tailored our services to connect you with organisations where you are a perfect fit. Upon sign-up, you will be required to submit your CV on our platform. In this regard, most job vacancies that would be coming your way will be customised to suit your qualifications.

1000s of applicants

There is no limit to the number of applicants that can apply to your job posting or vacancy. With numerous applications, you have a better and higher tendency to get the best candidates with the right skills, knowledge, and experience for the position you’re looking to fill as a recruiter. You also have the option of filtering out poorly qualified applicants and recruiting the best ones.

Have your job posts seen by quality candidates

Employers always have the penchant of wanting to recruit the best candidates, and our platform offers such leverage. With our scrutinising features, recruiters are sure of getting quality candidates with a passion for outstanding performance and quality delivery. By posting in specific locations, job seekers will be able to get alerts and bout jobs near me that are available in their locations.

Managing candidates effectively

Recruiters have the advantage of harnessing our easy-to-use dashboard to view resumes and manage job applicants. This makes candidate management a breeze as we understand that filtering through a vast inventory of applicants’ submission can be tedious. We’ve taken the initiative to make our dashboard friendly to all levels of users.

Email Notifications

Our job search is structured to send out notification emails as regards any new update. With this, recruiters and job applicants would always be in the know.

With Qualified Place's Job Search Place, as a job seeker, you can rest assured that you will be exposed to the right companies, especially those that offer topnotch benefits. Very often, most job seekers get undervalued by companies who trivialize their qualifications by offering minimal pay and benefits.

We are here to stamp that out; you only need to trust us with your job hunt. How about you sign up with us now to enjoy the full benefits of our amazing offer?

Getting email alerts

You can subscribe to and unsubscribe from our job alerts. Our job search also sends out email notifications at frequent intervals notifying both job seekers and employers. With this, both parties can stay informed as regards any new developments in labour market, and trust us; we won’t send you irrelevant messages. Every email you get from us is targeted at providing values for our subscribers.

If you can’t find suitable roles right now, keep checking the website or sign up to the job alerts. We can help you secure your next career, and we have vacancies for different needs, including permanent, consultancy, working from home, temporary, part-time and flexible

Mobile Job Search

Our job search site also allows for mobile job search. This invariably means that recruiters and job applicants can view applications and vacancies on the go. This single feature allows for a tremendous level of engagement, which benefits both parties.

Creating a Profile

As a recruiter or a job seeker, you can create a profile with us, quickly and easily. The profile is used to help us understand more about you, which allows us to make the most appropriate matches.

Are you still contemplating about joining us?

We are the missing link between employers and job seekers as we hope to be the capital solutions to job hunting and recruitment difficulties. If you’re looking to get premium notifications about recruiting companies and employers, you can leverage the information on our platform to stay informed.

Harness the solutions our platform provides and enjoy premium information. The fun part is that you can access this information from anywhere in the world. Do you think someone does it better than us? Show us; we will wait!

Contact Us Today

If you want to get in touch to get assistance with any aspect of the job search and online recruitment board you are unsure about, or you have any comments or queries about any aspect of applying for jobs or signing up to job alerts, get in touch.

Qualified Place Jobs– connecting you with global opportunities!


Qualified Place Jobs is a specialised job board designed specifically for the professional and qualified recruitment marketplace. We facilitate job hunting whereby employers seeking qualified job seekers will find the talent solutions they need.

We do this by offering the exceptional functionality of leading job websites but by combining it with a refined approach. You’ll benefit from the expected functionality of a job board with a truly international outlook and a distinctly more user focused approach.

Qualified Place Jobs Place makes it easy to search for professional international jobs and candidates without the disabling nature of international borders. The more professional the role, the less borders matter. We understand the complexities of professional recruitment in terms of issues such as skills shortages, global positioning and training of talent and cultural talent dominance and opportunity.

As such within Qualified Place Jobs you can undertake your recruitment search at the local, national and international level where candidates and employers find each other more easily.

Our focus

Standard job websites are unwieldy. They cater for everyone and end up catering for no one. We have refined our focus so that you aren’t looking for the needle in the haystack.

We are able to do this, whilst providing an international platform, by focusing on the concept of individual niche job boards for specific sectors. We work for lowering borders because you can advertise international vacancies in the place where you know your talent will be found. For example, if you are recruiting for nursing jobs in the UK you may want to advertise in the Europe section.

Our qualified jobs  are  available for the following sectors:

  • Aerospace
  • Executive management
  • Industrial design
  • IT and Data Analysis
  • IT and telecommunications
  • Laboratory, manufacture science and engineering
  • Medicine and healthcare
  • Nuclear energy
  • Oil and gas
  • Technology

The range and types of jobs we cover are extensive, within niche areas. For example, we showcase executive jobs, media jobs, finance jobs, charity jobs, education jobs, insurance jobs, legal jobs, marketing jobs, manufacturing jobs and more.

Is Qualified Place Jobs for me?

Qualified Place Jobs is a unique job board designed for the professional and qualified recruitment marketplace.

For employers and recruiters: If you are searching for qualified or professional talent and are frustrated with standard recruitment models, or are having difficulties finding the talent you need and don’t want to resort to extremely expensive and time-consuming headhunting, then Qualified Place Jobs is the solution. From advertising graduate jobs in London and internship jobs to international vacancies and online courses, we are the solution.

We bring you a valuable talent pool which is well-populated despite the skills shortages in your field. We offer the flexibility you need to achieve success with those hard to fill roles.

Unlike other job boards we do things differently. We focus solely on being a platform for qualified and professional roles and candidates only. We take a truly international approach, realising that your best candidates will be secured by lowering the borders and not allowing them to be barriers.

Create a Recruiter Account and get started with your first job ad today.

For candidates: If you are professionally qualified, work within a niche sector, and are looking to find a job and your next opportunity, anywhere in the world, then Qualified Place Jobs is for you. Unlike with standard job boards, you won’t waste time being matched with unsuitable positions. You also won’t be tied in to using a recruitment agency which limits your choices and possibilities. Join our Sell Yourself Place and see for yourself.

For candidates we offer an international job board where you can seek out roles which recognise your achievements and standing. We enable you to develop your career on an international level. We ensure you’re never wading through irrelevant jobs which you are over-qualified for.

Qualified Place Jobs  brings together candidates and employers who need to focus on qualifications, professionalism and skills. We make it easy to connect.

The functionality you expect

As you’d expect, Qualified Place Jobs brings you the functionality you expect of leading job websites.

Job seekers can quickly and easily upload their CVs. Employers and recruiters can easily manage, screen, shortlist and process applicants.

Job ads are made simply and efficiently, with background algorithms designed to match you with the talent or employer you need.

Our processes and platform has been designed and refined to match relevantly experienced and qualified candidates with their best fit next job. This results in a win-win situation for candidates and recruiters alike.

Why choose Qualified Place Jobs

Traditional recruitment and particularly job boards don’t work in the professional setting. They cast their net too wide, yet too narrowly at the same time. They are limited by borders but do little to carefully use qualifications, experience and professionalism as their main screening factors.

There are unique problems faced by many professional sectors:

  • There are painful skills gaps affecting many professional sectors globally. These talent shortages are growing much faster than our solutions to plug the talent gaps. This has caused many organisations to settle for second best, widening their recruitment criteria. Yet in reality, when we dive deeper some of this can be solved simply by recruiting across borders, from areas where talent is available. You need access to these candidates.


  • Professionalism shrinks talent pools. The more qualified or niche the area of work, the smaller the pools of available candidates become. This leads to reduced choice for all roles from graduate jobs up to those requiring additional professional qualifications and experience. Again, the choice for both candidates and employers can be increased by tackling recruitment at an international level.


  • Developing countries and middle-income economies are in desperate need of more talent to sustain their growth than they currently have within their own professional settings. With the booming growth of the Indo-Chinese economies, recruiters can be fighting a continual battle looking for highly qualified people to continue economic development.


  • Brexit is shifting the UK, Europe and global talent marketplace. With the uncertainty and complexity of Brexit, UK companies and those in the EU recruiting from the UK are facing fresh challenges. Our goal is to ensure that Brexit does not negatively impact the availability of talent wherever in the world it is needed.


Qualified Place Jobs has been designed with all of these problems of the modern professional world in mind. We are the solution. It’s not just about talent, but qualified talent, in a Qualified Place Jobs.

Find out more about why we do recruitment the way we do by reading Our Mission. Any questions? Check out our FAQs or Contact Us.