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Welcome to Qualified Place - Jobs Online UK Ltd!

We take a truly international approach, realising that your best candidates will be secured by lowering the borders and not allowing them to be barriers.

For employers, we bring you a valuable talent pool which is well-populated despite the skills shortages in your field. Qualified Place - Jobs Online UK Ltd understands that employers who are aiming at filling the roles in specialised fields such as Medicine and healthcare, Technology and IT, Engineering, Nuclear Energy, Science, Oil and gas, Design, etc require a specialist international job board.

For candidates we offer an international job board where you can seek out roles which recognise your achievements and standing. If for example you are looking for an executive, research, consultancy, academic positions, this the right place for you. We ensure you’re never wading through irrelevant jobs which you are over-qualified for.

We offer the flexibility you need to achieve success with those hard to fill roles.

We offer a user-friendly interface which allows for your employer branding, as well as helping you to manage the recruitment process from start to finish.

Qualified Place - Jobs Online UK marries talent with opportunity, bringing choice and success to both sides of the recruitment equation.

As such, for employers to find the calibre of candidates they require, with the right skills and qualifications, with ample choice, they need to use a dedicated job board.

Are you looking for a job? Are you highly qualified in a particular field or industry, such as medicine, nuclear energy, technology, and economics or similar? Or, perhaps you are a business looking to recruit executive talent within your specific industry?

If you answered 'yes' to all or any of the above questions, then Qualified Place - Jobs Online UK Ltd is the right place for your job search!

We believe that developing countries and middle-income economies need and are forever searching for highly qualified people to further their economic development. Qualified Place - Jobs Online UK Ltd is an online job board where businesses in these countries can use this service to recruit executive and expert people from developed countries in their required specialized fields.

At Qualified Place - Jobs Online UK Ltd, we understand that not only do the countries looking to further their development need highly prized professionals, but also that here in the United Kingdom and Europe we can and should benefit from bringing in and working with incredible and largely skilled talent from overseas.

Here, at Qualified Place - Jobs Online UK Ltd, we match experienced applicants from all over the world with their dream job. The areas of practice we can provide jobs in may include; medicine, IT, and nuclear energy, to name but a few.

Qualified Place - Jobs Online UK Ltd is hoping to ensure that the UK remain in solid shape post Brexit and allow business to use this site and enable them to deal with the possible lack of qualified professionals that may appear once Brexit takes place.

If you are an individual and highly skilled worker then why not browse our 'jobs' page and get your name out there by using our 'Sell yourself club' page to take the next step in your career.

If you are a business then please refer to our 'Jobs' pages where you can post about, highlight and ultimately, fill your vacancies.

Find our more about Qualified Place - Jobs Online UK Ltd by visiting our 'Mission' page and find out how and why we want to help you. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch, however, do check our Frequently Asked Questions section first as you may easily find your answer there.