About Us

Qualified recruitment for qualified choices

Welcome to Qualified Place where professional and qualified talent acquisition is efficient, transparent and resourceful.

Who are we?

Qualified Place is a specialised job board designed specifically for the professional and qualified recruitment marketplace. We facilitate job hunting whereby employers seeking qualified job seekers will find the talent solutions they need.

We do this by offering the exceptional functionality of leading job websites but by combining it with a refined approach. You’ll benefit from the expected functionality of a job board with a truly international outlook and a distinctly more user focused approach.

Qualified Place makes it easy to search for professional international jobs and candidates without the disabling nature of international borders. The more professional the role, the less borders matter. We understand the complexities of professional recruitment in terms of issues such as skills shortages, global positioning and training of talent and cultural talent dominance and opportunity.

As such within Qualified Place you can undertake your recruitment search at the local, national and international level where candidates and employers find each other more easily.

Our focus

Standard job websites are unwieldy. They cater for everyone and end up catering for no one. We have refined our focus so that you aren’t looking for the needle in the haystack.

We are able to do this, whilst providing an international platform, by focusing on the concept of individual niche job boards for specific sectors. We work for lowering borders because you can advertise international vacancies in the place where you know your talent will be found. For example, if you are recruiting for nursing jobs in the UK you may want to advertise in the Europe section.

Our talent acquisition focus boards are available for the following sectors:

  • Aeropsace
  • Executive management
  • Industrial design
  • IT and Data Analysis
  • IT and telecommunications
  • Laboratory, manufacture science and engineering
  • Medicine and healthcare
  • Nuclear energy
  • Oil and gas
  • Technology

The range and types of jobs we cover are extensive, within niche areas. For example, we showcase executive jobs, media jobs, finance jobs, charity jobs, education jobs, insurance jobs, legal jobs, marketing jobs, manufacturing jobs and more.

Is Qualified Place for me?

Qualified Place is a unique job board designed for the professional and qualified recruitment marketplace.

For employers and recruiters: If you are searching for qualified or professional talent and are frustrated with standard recruitment models, or are having difficulties finding the talent you need and don’t want to resort to extremely expensive and time-consuming headhunting, then Qualified Place is the solution. From advertising graduate jobs in London and internship jobs to international vacancies and online courses, we are the solution.

We bring you a valuable talent pool which is well-populated despite the skills shortages in your field. We offer the flexibility you need to achieve success with those hard to fill roles.

Unlike other job boards we do things differently. We focus solely on being a platform for qualified and professional roles and candidates only. We take a truly international approach, realising that your best candidates will be secured by lowering the borders and not allowing them to be barriers.

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For candidates: If you are professionally qualified, work within a niche sector, and are looking to find a job and your next opportunity, anywhere in the world, then Qualified Place is for you. Unlike with standard job boards, you won’t waste time being matched with unsuitable positions. You also won’t be tied in to using a recruitment agency which limits your choices and possibilities. Join our Sell Yourself Club and see for yourself.

For candidates we offer an international job board where you can seek out roles which recognise your achievements and standing. We enable you to develop your career on an international level. We ensure you’re never wading through irrelevant jobs which you are over-qualified for.

Qualified Place Ltd brings together candidates and employers who need to focus on qualifications, professionalism and skills. We make it easy to connect.

The functionality you expect

As you’d expect, Qualified Place brings you the functionality you expect of leading job websites.

Job seekers can quickly and easily upload their CVs. Employers and recruiters can easily manage, screen, shortlist and process applicants.

Job ads are made simply and efficiently, with background algorithms designed to match you with the talent or employer you need.

Our processes and platform has been designed and refined to match relevantly experienced and qualified candidates with their best fit next job. This results in a win-win situation for candidates and recruiters alike.

Why choose Qualified Place

Traditional recruitment and particularly job boards don’t work in the professional setting. They cast their net too wide, yet too narrowly at the same time. They are limited by borders but do little to carefully use qualifications, experience and professionalism as their main screening factors.

There are unique problems faced by many professional sectors:

  • There are painful skills gaps affecting many professional sectors globally. These talent shortages are growing much faster than our solutions to plug the talent gaps. This has caused many organisations to settle for second best, widening their recruitment criteria. Yet in reality, when we dive deeper some of this can be solved simply by recruiting across borders, from areas where talent is available. You need access to these candidates.


  • Professionalism shrinks talent pools. The more qualified or niche the area of work, the smaller the pools of available candidates become. This leads to reduced choice for all roles from graduate jobs up to those requiring additional professional qualifications and experience. Again, the choice for both candidates and employers can be increased by tackling recruitment at an international level.


  • Developing countries and middle-income economies are in desperate need of more talent to sustain their growth than they currently have within their own professional settings. With the booming growth of the Indo-Chinese economies, recruiters can be fighting a continual battle looking for highly qualified people to continue economic development.


  • Brexit is shifting the UK, Europe and global talent marketplace. With the uncertainty and complexity of Brexit, UK companies and those in the EU recruiting from the UK are facing fresh challenges. Our goal is to ensure that Brexit does not negatively impact the availability of talent wherever in the world it is needed.


Qualified Place has been designed with all of these problems of the modern professional world in mind. We are the solution. It’s not just about talent, but qualified talent, in a Qualified Place.

Find out more about why we do recruitment the way we do by reading Our Mission. Any questions? Check out our FAQs or Contact Us.