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Qualified Place is for Qualified Job Seekers who have the right qualifications for the jobs they are looking for, or have the skills and experience acquired from courses, learning or employment and are planning to apply for similar or new positions. Qualified Place promote your qualifications, skills, experience across 10,000s of employers, recruiters, organisations and businesses.
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Welcome to Qualified Place: Job Search Place.

Qualified Place Jobs is an online job search site and online recruitment agency with the commitment to connect qualified job seekers with recruiters in the UK, Europe, and internationally. At Qualified Place Jobs, you can find Jobs in UK and  Jobs in Europe.

Qualified Place Jobs value all qualifications acquired by formal education, courses, learning and experience.

Qualified Place is a job search place with the  ambition  to help businesses find the best talent with the right qualifications and experience, and for job seekers to secure new jobs, and we aim to make the right match between employer and qualified job seekers – the winning combination. Read more...

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